Cherry Lane Policies

As of 01/28/2013

1.   If you are invited to leave Cherry Lane Resort because of violation of rules, policies,  or misbehavior you will not be refunded your fees and will not be allowed to visit in the future.

2.   All membership dues must be paid on or before your due date to receive the $100.00 discount.
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3.   If you need to make payments, you must make three equal payments.  You must use a credit card or post dated checks.  You will also be charged an extra $50.00 per month.
4.   If you do not inform us as to your intentions within 14 days after your membership due date your trailer will be removed from the lot and the lot will be rented to someone else.

5.   All memberships that are not paid within the allotted time as determined by Cherry Lane Resort management will be terminated and your trailer will be moved to storage.

6.   If your trailer has to be moved to storage you will be charged for removal in accordance with labor rates as well as storage at $2.00 per day beginning as of the day after your membership due date. If you do not pay costs for removal as well as any other charges your trailer will be sold in accordance with M.C.L.A. codes, if sale of trailer doesn't cover costs you will be liable for the remainder. If your trailer has to be disposed of for lack of sale you will be charged for disposal and Cherry Lane Resort will seek a court judgment for costs.

7.   If your membership is terminated for lack of payment you will not be allowed to re-join!

8.   Repeated domestic conflicts will result in revocation of membership you will not be allowed to visit in the future.

9.   In the event of a break-up or divorce both parties may keep their membership at Cherry Lane managements discretion as long as there are no conflicts. To continue their membership, each party must pay for a full membership, with half of the pro-rated amount from their joint membership applied to their new membership fee. If there are problems in this arrangement either or both may have their membership revoked with no refund.

10.  In the event that a couple is no longer together for any reason and the female half of the couple does not wish to remain a member of Cherry Lane Resort, then the male half will not be allowed to continue a "single" membership.  Cherry Lane Resort management retains the right to terminate at any time a "single" membership with no cause.  In the case of a substantiated complaint about a single member's behavior the single member's membership shall be terminated with no refund of fees.

11.  If your campsite is not maintained, or poses a health violation or hazard your membership will be terminated.

13.  Memberships and lot rents are not transferable.

13.  You may sell your trailer on site as long as your lot rent and membership are current and fully paid.  At expiration your trailer must be moved from the site.

14.  Upon leaving a campsite you must clean all trash and leave the site in a condition approved by Cherry Lane management.

15.  It is the policy of Cherry Lane management  to not divulge information regarding members or visitors for any reason.  Phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and home addresses will not be shared with anyone.