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Welcome, we hope to make your visit at our web site informative and fun.  We hope your visit with us at our facility in southern Michigan is more fun than informative and we can assure you it will be!  

Cherry Lane is an "adult only" campground.  No one under the age of 21 will be allowed to visit!


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We have a full line of RV parts and accessories available (new parts and hard to find used parts). In addition, we have on site service and installation available.  We can have your storm damaged awning replaced with a new one and bill your insurance. 


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Hours of Operation  

Cherry Lane is a clothing optional campground and we cater to to nudists as well as people in the "swinging lifestyle".  We are an "adult only" facility, you must be at least 21years old to attend.  We don't have the most beautiful facility in the area and we don't hold any beauty contests.  We do however have more fun than any campground you have ever attended.  We maintain a good balance between having all the fun you can stand and keeping it in good taste.  We have 80 acres where you can ride a golf cart, take a private walk, lie in the sun, play volleyball, wrestle in chocolate pudding, attend golf scrambles or just party until it hurts.  Cherry Lane has something for everyone and a weekend at Cherry Lane is a great low cost way to spend a summer weekend.  We hope you make time to visit us this summer, we know you will have fun. You will make new and lasting friendships, and that is what we are all about......people meeting people.

We have dances every Saturday night as well as occasional Friday dances.   Most holiday's have two dances, the nights they occur are dictated by how the holiday falls in the week.  

Remember......If the Lord had meant you to be naked, you would have been born that way!



The new summer of 2016 schedule is now posted!

Thanks again for visiting our web site!
Rev. Dennis Bevis

As an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church I feel compelled to put the Rev. in front of my name.  As a holy man I can not only provide you with a place to sin, but also absolve you of said sins at the end of the weekend if you so desire.

We still accept these for payment of all purchases and reservations.

Party Naked!!!!

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